Daily Routine Unit


#1 Daily Routine Vocabulary
Paso 1: Copy vocabulary into the 1st section of your 3-subject spiral notebook (Vocabulary).

Paso 2: Practice vocabulary for pronunciation and memorization. Play on quizlet.

Paso 3: Charades - verbs, Pictionary - Nouns

Paso 4: Song " Y no hago más na' " by El Gran Combo

Paso 5: en la mañana, en la tarde, en la noche Chart 1st with new vocabulary, then add recycled vocabulary from Spanish 1.

Paso 6: Transfer chart from step 4 onto a Keynote or Prezi presentation with pictures representing your Daily Routine vocabulary. Choose at least 5 words from each column - try to focus on new vocabulary. Add pictures and words on each slide/frame.

Title slide "Daily Routine" por: YourName
Slide 2: En la mañana
Slide 3: En la tarde
Slide 4: En la noche


Turn in presentation on Edmodo. If using Keynote, upload the presentation to www.slideshare.net first and use the embed code to turn-in on Edmodo. If using Prezi, use the embed code to submit on Edmodo.

Paso 7: Homework: Write all vocabulary 3 times Spanish, 1 time English on notebook paper.


I can:

*recognize vocabulary related to my daily routine - written and orally

*organize daily routine vocabulary into categories based on time of day
#2 Reflexive Verbs
Paso 1: Lecture - take notes on reflexive verbs in the 2nd section of your 3-subject spiral notebook (Grammar).

Paso 2: Handout - reflexive picture practice.

Paso 3: Make music video using Keynote for images to go along with lyrics to the song "No hago más na" by El Gran Combo. Record the "music video" by doing a Quick Time Player screen recording while playing the music with the Keynote fullscreen. Upload to Edmodo.


I can:

*use reflexive verbs to describe my daily routines and those of others

*create a music video using daily routine vocabulary
Paso 1: Present Music Videos.
Paso 2: Reading activity - Daily Routine
Highlight all the reflexive verbs in the text.
Busca en el texto: (Find in the text and underline)
  1. Because I have to train early
  2. right away
  3. Afterwards
  4. I start the day well
  5. because it is my favorite sport
  6. I love swimming
  7. again
As a class come up with questions related to the text.

Paso 3: La rutina de una joven mexicana.

Paso 4: Mi rutina diaria sheet

Paso 7: Charades and Pictionary

Paso 8: Homework: Worksheet - Complete on NOTEBOOK PAPER


I can:
*describe my daily routine

*read a description of a daily routine and identify reflexive verbs within the text.
Paso 1: Rearrange daily routine sheet

Paso 2: Reflexive vocabulary matching sheet

Paso 3: Dice game with reflexive verbs.

Paso 4: Quiz on reflexive verbs. www.classmarker.com

Paso 5: Create an instructional children’s story dealing with daily routine

Students work in pairs to create an instructional children’s story dealing with daily routine. The story must focus on teaching children good behavior and good personal hygiene. It must feature fictional characters who illustrate what is right and wrong as he/she goes about his/her daily routine (brushing teeth, washing face, eating healthy foods, etc.), the activities he/she must do throughout the day (washing the dishes, walking the dog, going to school and activities done in school, etc.), and free time activities (watching movies, playing a sport, listening to music, etc.). The characters may be human, animals, or robots, or any beings the students imagine. The final copy of the story must have a title and be illustrated. In addition to the story, each pair creates 5 informational questions about their story to be answered by another group that will read their completed story.
10 pages plus title page (11 pages). Each page must have 3-5 sentences. Story should go in chronological order (example: going to bed should not be at the beginning)
Suggestion: use Keynote to create book or use paper and markers


Paso 4: Homework: Complete on NOTEBOOK PAPER .

#5 Book
Paso 1:Vocabuary Quiz www.classmarker.com

Paso 2:

Paso 3: Work on book with partner. DUE: Friday

Paso 4: Homework: Practice with Reflexive Verbs worksheet - write answers on NOTEBOOK PAPER.


#6 Speaking
Paso 1: Worksheet

Paso 2: 5 Preguntas Activity
1. ¿A qué hora te levantas?
2. ¿Te bañas en la mañana o en la noche?
3. ¿Te cepillas los dientes antes o después de desayunar?
4. ¿Te peinas o te cepillas el pelo?
5. ¿A qué hora te acuestas?

Paso 3:

Paso 4:

Homework: Write a detailed description of my daily routine - morning, afternoon and night. Must be at least 20 sentences. Divide into 3 paragraphs based on time of day or location.


I can:

*speak about my daily routine

*listen and understand someone else's routine

*write about my daily routine in complete sentences using reflexive verbs and time.
#7 Cultural comparisions
Paso 1: Worksheet then Reflexive Quiz. www.classmarker.com

Paso 2: Reflexive Quiz on www.classmarker.com

Paso 2: How does my daily routine compare to that of a person from a Spanish-speaking country?
Venn Diagram: Students create a Venn diagram comparing the differences and similarities between American daily routines, chores, and meals and mealtimes with those of Spanish speaking countries. The diagram should have text as well as pictures (drawn, cut from magazines, or taken from clipart).
Paso 3: Composition about the daily routine of JuanStudents write a story about the daily routine of Juan, typical Spanish high school student. In their stories, they must include activities from when he wakes up until he goes to bed.

Paso 5: Homework: Record a video completing worksheet 1 and upload to Edmodo. Complete worksheet 2 on NOTEBOOK PAPER.


I can:

*expain the differences between daily routines in America and Hispanic cultures.
Paso 1: Charades and Pictionary

Paso 2: Reflexive Verb Quiz 3

Paso 3: Worksheet - You will have to answer 5 of these questions for the speaking section of the test. Make sure you can answer all of them correctly.

Paso 4: Study for Test.



Reflexive and Daily Routine Games/Practice


Rags to Riches http://www.quia.com/rr/146708.html
Matching columns http://www.quia.com/cm/551042.html?AP_rand=1057046735
Several games http://www.quia.com/jg/845288.html
Hangman http://www.quia.com/hm/359960.html
Battleship http://www.quia.com/ba/247042.html
Rags to Riches http://www.quia.com/rr/795010.html
Several games http://www.quia.com/jg/845287.html
Order sentences http://www.quia.com/pp/271660.html?AP_rand=146090906
Rags to Riches http://www.quia.com/rr/213865.html
Several games http://www.quia.com/jg/283209.html
Order sentences http://www.quia.com/rd/202922.html?AP_rand=798822390
Practice Quiz http://www.quia.com/quiz/384133.html?AP_rand=1813916614
Practice Quiz http://www.quia.com/quiz/2791105.html?AP_rand=1627170028


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